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Welcome to the ISystems web-presence!


To progressively Create and Maintain systems for Operations streamlining and Information gathering and dissemination



To fulfil these goals, one must intelligently choose the correct simplistic concepts (building blocks) and integrate it to deliver the envisioned product that is intuitive to interact with, for the majority of possible users.


This philosophy has its roots in the creations of my personal role model, Leonardo da Vinci.

Leonardo da Vinci, considered by many as the Father of Science, wanted to depict images (paintings) as realistically as possible. He created a logical process called Abstraction: Reality is too complex to fully understand or represent. To reach this goal one must break it down into the effect of smaller pieces that together can produce an accurate or near-accurate representation. Logically reducing any "real" system into the most basic understandable / describable concepts (building blocks) is a key step in understanding and describing any real-world system - THIS is the process of Abstraction.


What do I offer:

  • conceptualize a sound final product,
  • whether for themselves or customers
  • that delivers a complete solution,
  • implement it,
  • refine it
  • and let it grow with the trend.

Customers should have a one-stop provider to help them streamline their business logic and customer interaction. This can include:

  • Corporate Image (logo, presentation, business cards, letterheads)
  • Printing (business cards, letterheads, brochures etc)
  • E-mail addresses (with services like auto-responders, follow up, leads etc)
  • Mailing lists
  • Website for customers or potential customers
  • Internal website and online services (invoicing, quotations, leads, procurement, stock etc, project management)
  • Automated backup of email, websites and documents
  • amongst others

...delivering an automated and integrated intuitive experience for all users. Some services are subcontracted, so that you have a one-stop shop to satisfy your complete requirement.


This is a part-time activity- I focus on creating such systems for a select few customers to help them put systems in place to help their businesses operate efficiently and gain professional online presence.

My full-time occupation is as a Systems Developer for the Space Geodesy Programme at the Hartebeesthoek Radio Astronomy Observatory. My training, skills and activities includes and implements physics, mathematics, statistics, electronic engineering, software, servers, web services etc.



Some project include:


You may email me with any queries, however I cannot guarantee a reply at the moment- 2014 is already heavily booked...


Roelf Botha